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InfoSec Utilization Audit


Is your InfoSec Efficient?

Find out with Our InfoSec Utilization Audit

  • Is there needless redundancy in your infrastructure?
  • Do you have technologies that are irrelevant or non-applicable to your environment?
  • Is your technology configured for both optimum Security and Efficiency?
  • Are you vulnerable to a Cyber Attack?
  • Are there any gaps in your security Infrastructure?
  • Do you have under-utilized technologies that could be providing more benefit?

Our primary goal is to help you save on existing technology costs, as well as minimize the expense of future purchases.

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InfoSec Utilizati

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Is your InfoSec Infrastructure Efficient?

2020 InfoSec is dedicated to helping our clients reduce or eliminate unnecessary InfoSec costs – Without compromising security. To this effect we bring you our InfoSec Utilization Audit.

Do you suspect you may have overlapping Cyber Security Measures?

Have you been “pitched” a compelling argument for a Security Product, but still have that nagging suspicion that it may not be as necessary as the vendor claims?

Is your infrastructure generally “cluttered”, “stacked” or otherwise not optimized for it’s purpose?

Could there be “gaps” in your Security?


If so, our InfoSec Utilization Audit can save your organization money, time and headaches by;

  • Determining the benefit an additional product would add to your existing infrastructure
  • Identifying and re-mediating security gaps
  • Identifying current redundant and/or overlapping technologies
  • Identifying current technologies that provide minimal or no benefit
  • Identifying issues that prevent existing technologies from operating at their optimum level
  • Providing optimal architecture and configuration scenarios for maximum benefit of existing products

our InfoSec Utilization Audit spans the entire Security Infrastructure from the Gateway all the way to the end nodes and everything in between. The report you receive will include suggestions for improvements as well as a “blueprint” for an optimal topology and configuration.

Malware evolves daily, and too many companies think throwing money at the problem is a failsafe way to mitigate risk. They’ll buy a new service or product to combat the latest threat, deploy it and then forget all about it. Given this all-too-common approach, it’s not surprising that global spending on cyber security products and services is predicted to exceed $1 trillion over the next five years (from 2017 to 2021).

Not only is this strategy a waste of money, but IT infrastructures are then comprised of various point solutions that aren’t orchestrated to work together. Many times, this leaves cracks in the foundation that companies thought they so successfully built, allowing cybercriminals to penetrate their walls. The hard truth is that more spending doesn’t always translate to reduced incidents.” – Full article on

Three Steps To Reduce Technology Sprawl And Optimize Cyber Defenses


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