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Cloud Asset Audit
Cloud Asset Audit

Do you know what is in YOUR cloud?

Find out with 2020 InfoSec's Cloud Asset Audit.
  • Is someone using your cloud resources?
  • Could your Cloud contain unauthorized Bots?
  • Are there "Cyber Squatters" in your Cloud?
  • Are you aware of your data's sovereignty?
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InfoSec Product Selection Service
InfoSec Product Selection Service

Which should I pick?

OK, so you've identified a requirement for a IPS/Firewall/Zero-Day/UTM/Anti-Spam/etc. Now comes the tough part; Picking the right one. Whether adding a new technology or replacing an existing product, the selection process can be daunting. Some tend to go with the recommendation of their trusted Security Provider, Some will establish a process and research the options before evaluating a shortlist. Others issue RFPs. Regardless of method, they are all resource-intensive, time-consuming and costly. The more you research the options the more variables surface and we easily loose focus of the original requirements. Then, when the decision is finally made, Second-guessing and "Buyers Remorse" haunts you until the implementation is finalized, tweaked and proven. 2020 InfoSec are in a unique position to assist with these decisions. Our experience with Security Solutions, dating back to the "dawn" of InfoSec enables us to perform the selection process with unprecedented Efficiency and Accuracy. With our InfoSec Product Selection Service you benefit from:
  • Extensive Experience Selecting and providing InfoSec products
  • Proven Procurement Process guaranteeing the lowest possible price
  • Guaranteed Neutrality - We have no affiliations with any Brand or Company
  • Fast Turn-Around
  • Inside Information
  • Feedback from real-life useage
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InfoSec Utilization Audit
InfoSec Utilization Audit

Is your InfoSec Efficient?

Find out with OurĀ InfoSec Utilization Audit
  • Is there needless redundancy in your infrastructure?
  • Do you have technologies that are irrelevant or non-applicable to your environment?
  • Is your technology configured for both optimum Security and Efficiency?
  • Are you vulnerable to a Cyber Attack?
  • Are there any gaps in your security Infrastructure?
  • Do you have under-utilized technologies that could be providing more benefit?
Our primary goal is to help you save on existing technology costs, as well as minimize the expense of future purchases. Scroll down for additional information. InfoSec Utilizati Priced in US$ by total Network Nodes Company-Wide
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MSSP Audit
MSSP Audit

How effective is your MSSP?

If you want to be sure of the effectiveness of your MSSP, the most efficient way to find out is 2020 InfoSec's MSSP Audit.
  • What is the response time between an attack and the MSSP's countermeasure?
  • How effective is the countermeasure?
  • What is the response time between incident and alert?
  • What type of notifications do you receive?
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