This is the place to start if you have questions about our InfoSec Audits.

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Question: What is the estimated completion time for the InfoSec Utilization Audit?

Answer: On receipt of your order we will contact you to gather all the information required. It is our goal to complete the Audit within 10 business days of aquiring all the necessary information.


Question: We are located in Finland. Are your InfoSec Audits available in my country?

Answer: Yes, we provide our InfoSec Audits globally.

Question: How much can I save with your InfoSec Utilization Audit?

Answer: It depends on the complexity of your infrastructure and size of your organization. For a small business with limited complexity first year savings should far exceed the cost of the audit. For larger, more involved environments the potential savings are up to 6 figures and beyond in hard costs alone. Calculating the savings in soft costs, while challenging to pinpoint, would significantly increase these savings.


Question: Your InfoSec Utilization Audit is priced by Total Network Nodes. Can you explain what this means?

Answer: By Total Network Nodes, we are referring to the amount of concurrent Network Interfaces with an IP address. (Active Nodes).